Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes! I'm always down for a stamp on the passport. "Fly me to the moon..." Frank Sinatra....FLY....get it?

Do you charge for traveling?

There are no travel fees within 50 miles (round trip). Any mileage over 50 is $1.25 per mile. Extended travel beyond 3 hours one way will require more customization of my travel fees to account for lodging, meals, flights, etc. We can discuss this further once your contact me!

How many pictures do I get from my wedding?

Every wedding is unique. It will depend on the package you choose, the type of ceremony/event you plan, the hours of coverage, etc. As an average, a small ceremony/event usually generates a minimum of 200 photos and a larger may be as many as 500 or more! I strive during post-processing to put together a gallery with the best of the best for you to remember and treasure your special day!

Do we get all of the pictures from our session? Even the RAW images?

Great question! You will get all of the hand edited pictures, but not the RAW. You don't ask a director for their manuscript, do you? You just love the story, right? That's what I'm doing! I'm telling your story, through the creativity you're allowing me to share with you. Sit back and enjoy seeing YOUR story play before you!

Do we own the copyright?

Another great question! No, you do not. Amanda Lynn Images, LLC retains the copyright for all images taken. However, there is a difference between copyright and print rights. You will receive print rights to print photos and post them on social media.

Do I have to order prints through you?

You do not have to feel obligated to do so. However, if you do, you will not be disappointed, and will love placing those prints in frames and hanging them up for all to see!

Will you be the one photographing my request or will it be another photographer?

It will be your's truly! Yay! I am a team of me, myself and I. I'm quick though, so I will cover as much ground as your desired location has.

Can I extend my event coverage or the session on the day of?

Yes! It will be an additional $300 per hour.

Is there a limit on the amount of people allowed for family pictures?

Heck no! The more the merrier! I come from a large extended family also, so bring your's along! An additional charge may occur if we need to extend the session in order to include everyone and capture each memory you’d like.

Do my furbabies get to join in on the fun?

Absolutely! Bring the furbabies! They are part of the family! Dogs are always happy to wag their tails in front of the camera. Cats, well, they're a little choosier, but if your cat is like mine and loves the attention, let's go for it!

Do you have another question not listed here?

Feel free to contact me with any question(s) you have!